pip on ubuntu 16.04
I just started using Python. Just developed a script in Python. It’s fun. I use Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit) and there was a older version of Python installed on my distro. Had a hard time upgrading it, so I decided to uninstall it and then install the latest version. So, here’s […]

How to Install Pip and packages on Ubuntu 16.04

Previously we’ve written a guide on how to choose a web host. And obviously, since we wrote it, we did follow all the guidelines. Through our research, we decided to go with Hawk Host. In this review, we are going to write about how we chose Hawk Host, why we […]

HawkHost Review – Why we Chose Hawk Host out of ...

best one-take movies
I love long takes in various movies and TV shows. One-take movies are even better! One shot movies usually means that the whole movie is filmed in a single, continuous shot without any cuts. I recently watched Victoria, which inspired me to write this article and give you the best recommendations […]

Best one shot (one-take) movies

chef aid full album
Remember Chef Aid episode from South Park? Remember all the amazing songs on there? There’s an album of those songs. Some of you probably already have in a basement somewhere. You can go find it and take all the dust off, see if you can still play it. If not, […]

Buy Chef Aid: The South Park Album

john oliver on birds
In this week’s episode of ‘Last Week Tonight’, John Oliver goes on a whole 3-minute rant on various types of Birds. Including parrots. Find out why he hates almost all birds and what species of birds he DOES like in the video below: This video, of course, should not be […]

Last Week Tonight (HBO): John Oliver goes on a rant ...

zen vs intel price
After many years, AMD finally has updates for us in the CPU market. Their newest architecture ZEN should attack Intel’s CPU’s, mostly the gaming CPU’s and the multi core rendering/editing CPU’s. There has been a leak from one of the ZEN CPU’s and we should feel very positive. Considering the […]

If Zen is successful, what will happen to the prices ...

paul george wins mvp
One of the best Small Forwards, one of the best two-way players in the league, Paul George has finally come back from his gruesome leg injury and he is starting to feel like his old self and even better. The past season, even though coming from a season long leg […]

Can Paul George win MVP this season?

nba national anthem
It surprised everyone when during the national anthem,Colin Kaepernick didn’t stood up and sat down. Everyone was surprised and he received a lot of critics but a lot of praise also. Its every humans right the freedom of choice and freedom of speech, especially in the USA so why are […]

Do you support Colin Kaepernick with his actions against the ...

ray allen 20
When you think of Ray Allen you immediately think one of the best shooters of all time. He is the king when it comes to shooting from the 3 point line and we all know how much clutch he is. But now time has changed. Yes, the NBA is now […]

Where should Ray Allen play if he returns in the ...