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Reasons Why Parrot Moms Are Amazing

Straight up – a disclaimer: we are not talking about parrots that are mothers of other parrots. We are talking about human moms that have lovely parrot children! 🙂

Generally all moms are great and they really deserve our respect and appreciation. It doesn’t have to be mother’s day in order to appreciate your mom. Parrot moms, like any other parent, devote their fullest attention and love to their children. The “controversial” part of the human-parrot mom comparison is that people don’t really expect anything in return from the parrot, as opposed to the human. So, here are the top reasons why parrot moms are awesome!

They know how to take care of their loved ones

They spend countless hours doing research on what food their parrot should eat, they study on their behavior and how to treat it. They are active in the parrot communities, talking to other parrot moms and exchanging information. One thing is for sure – they know how to take care of their parrot.

They are lovely people

Taking care of a parrot takes up a lot of time, requires a lot of knowledge and needs a lot of work. Parrot moms do all of that without expecting too much in return. They even expect a bite once in a while – but they still love their parrots. This is why parrot moms are lovable humans. They love everyone and everything, and they are one of the nicest people out there.

They are unique

Lets be honest – owning a parrot is not a popular thing. Parrots aren’t dogs or cats. Every parrot is unique – just like their owner. Parrot moms are quite different from other pet owners. You’ll notice that parrot owners are just as unique as their parrot.


There’s lots more reasons why parrot moms are awesome. These caring and lovable people deserve our love and attention. Post a comment below if there’s any reason why you think parrot moms are the greatest.