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mistakes to avoid when wearing a saree

Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing a Saree

The saree is among the most elegant traditional pieces you can wear – but it looks like the most difficult garment you can wear. For thousands of years, it has taken its place as the choice of wear for Indian women, and recently it has started to gain a foothold in the western fashion industry. The best aspect about it is its versatility; it never demands that you have a slim or hourglass figure, as you can still look good in it even though you have a larger body.

However, its versatility also means you might make mistakes. It may look simple, but it has the potential of making or breaking your look. Therefore, if you want to avoid the embarrassment of a wrongly fitted saree or other aspects of your look, read on to find out these mistakes and avoid them.

Wearing too much jewelry

Here is the thing: the saree is absolutely beautiful on its own because of all the embroidery, and it does add a lot of elegance to your look. A classic example would be the Banarasi or Mysore silk saree. However, adding jewelry that does not complement the look is a major mistake you need to avoid, and wearing too much of it does not help you much either – such as wearing a heavy necklace with a very elaborate set of earrings.

The saree itself is a style statement – even if it looks simple. Therefore, you should not aim to over-accessorize because it will spoil the appearance. Stick to the rule of ‘less is more’, and wear simple jewelry such as beads, pearls, or a pendant set.

Draping the saree incorrectly

Wearing the saree too high or too low is a major problem you need to avoid entirely. While a correctly draped saree will always make you look sophisticated, a wrongly draped one will always look unflattering and disorganized.

When it is too high, it makes you look short, and when it is too low, it destroys the feminine image you are going for. Always make sure you drape it just below your navel to create balance.

Choosing the wrong bag

As we have mentioned in the first point, a saree is a style statement in itself, so you must be very careful when selecting your bag. You do not need to carry a huge bag around when you are wearing a heavily embellished saree, for instance – unless you want to look like a school teacher instead of a woman wearing a beautiful saree.

Using that rule, make sure to avoid any of these bags – backpacks (unless you want a hobo look), totes, sling bags, and large handbags. You want to look as elegant as possible, so just stick to embellished clutch bags, potli bags, and minaudieres.

Wearing the wrong shoes

It should be considered a serious offense to wear a saree with flats. Stay away from slippers, MaryJanes, and just flat shoes in general when wearing a saree. Even clunky wedges will remove the balance of your look and make you look clumsy.

When wearing a saree, always pick high heels and stilettos, because they go well with this attire. If the idea of wearing these shoes makes you uncomfortable, you can wear block heels instead as a compromise.

Wearing ill-fitted blouses

The blouse is the center of the entire saree, not the pallu or borders. Regardless of whether you are wearing a designer saree or a plain one, you are always looking forward to turning the blouse into a great component of the whole look – which is why it is vital to pick the blouse well.

When choosing a saree blouse, make sure you follow these guidelines:

  • Stay away from the idea of over-accessorizing the design of the blouse. Its making involves a lot of delicate work, which is why it never comes cheap.
  • Always wear what is complementary to your saree. For instance, you might have a blouse that is loose but looks good with the saree, so wear that.
  • Stay away from tight-fitting blouses. These do no justice to your look and make your whole look untidy and unbalanced.

Wrong petticoats

The choice of petticoat also determines your end look, and it is as important as the blouse selection. You must avoid any petticoat that peeks from under your saree, so when you are wearing it, check in your mirror if the petticoat appears (it shows that it is too big).

In addition, stay away from flared petticoats, because they will ruin the shape of the saree itself as well as allowing the crease of the petticoat to appear. Ensure you always wear normal petticoats, so that it creates balance in the shape of your saree.

Having peeping bra straps

If you have ever wondered why all blouses of sarees appear with bra strap holders, then now you know why – it is to avoid this major fashion mistake. For this reason, make sure you use them as intended.

Bra straps appearing in your look gives a very unkempt look, no matter what clothes you are wearing; the situation is even worse when you are wearing a saree. If the blouse does not have a bra strap holder, secure your bra straps with a safety pin. On the other hand, if the blouse is a padded and backless one, you can skip the bra entirely.

Improper pleating

Pleats are a factor that not many women look at when designing their entire look – but it can actually break their look entirely. Here are some tips you can use:

  • If you are a petite woman or shorter than 5’5, then avoid having too many pleats, settle at a maximum of four or five.
  • The idea pleat size will depend on your height, although it should generally be about five inches wide.
  • After you make these pleats, you must maintain their parallel symphony, so you can iron lightly to keep their shape in place.

Final thoughts

Wearing a saree is a great experience, as it teaches you many things about fashion approaches. That said, mistakes can happen when you are not aware of how it should be worn, but these tips can help you avoid those mistakes and achieve the beautiful and timeless look you are going for.