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how to take care of your car

How to Take Care of Your Car

Your car is a treasure I am certain you do not wish to lose whether it is due to wear and tear or even through theft cases. As such, you ought to take good care of it to ensure that it remains functional and in good working condition to serve the intended purpose. The make structure of a car is delicate and a simple damage on one part can impact on other parts making your car to malfunction.

Once you have your car, take time to go through the manufacturer’s manual so as to get a clear picture of what is required of you. This will help you do proper car maintenance by taking the preventive measures to keep your car engine up and running. If you are a first-time car owner or you have and not very familiar with some of the ways to care for your car, I suggest you take time to read this review article and get some insight on this.

Changing the Car Oil

This is a very important exercise that you should never overlook if you want your engine to continue being as effective as ever. You should change the oil in your car after every 5000 -7000 miles you cover. That notwithstanding, ensure you use reliable oil on your car.

Failure to observe this will make the oil in your car to accumulate a lot of dirt which reduces its effectiveness when it comes to lubricating your car engine. What is more, the situation can be worse if the dirty oil makes your engine to fail. This will make sure spend a lot of money in repairing the damage which can easily be evaded.

Checking Your Tire Pressure and Rotating the Tires

The wheels are a very important component of your car and therefore you need to take good care of them because your car is not complete without them. You need to ensure that the pressure in the tires is sufficient and balanced. This should be checked frequently not just once. The other aspect of the tires you need to consider is to rotate them after every 7500 miles you cover with your car. This will make them wear out evenly.

When you don’t observe these precautions for your tires, you are likely to experience some instability when breaking and very annoying bumpy rides. Your tires might wear unevenly which again makes the car very unstable and might cause a serious imbalance that can result in accidents.

Ensure the Mirror is working

They say a driver has three eyes because the mirror allows the driver to monitor the rear view and keep his car on the track. The mirror, therefore, is very important and as a good driver, this is one thing you should check to see that it is working correctly. If it is broken, you need to replace it immediately. If it is tilted to the wrong orientation angle, you need to set it correctly. Ensure the mirror of your car is crystal clear at all times to prevent misjudgments and blurred images.

By so doing, you will be able to monitor the rear view with ease and maintain your car. This makes you a good and effective driver who rarely causes accidents on the road.

Check the Brake Pads Time to Time

Proper functioning brakes are a top checklist item for any good driver on the road. You should counter check to see that the brake pads are working well with the right grip. In case you notice that the brake pads are wearing out, kindly take the initiative to replace them immediately. A better guide still is that you should replace the brake pads after every 25000 miles your car covers.

This way, you are less prone causing accidents on the road related to failed brakes. Besides that, the cost of repairing the brake rotors due to malfunctioning of the brake pads might be too expensive for you.

Protect your Car with a Quality Assured Car Cover

According to, it is good to ensure that your car is well covered using a quality car cover to protect it from weather and environmental hazards when it is not in use. A good car cover should be one that is resistant to water, durable, can withstand high solar insolation, does not react easily with the cleaning detergents and is large enough to cover the entire car. This will see to it that your car is protected from dust, debris, UV rays that are not friendly to the paint on your car and birds’ poops or even leaves and flowers from trees.

A car that is never covered with a good car cover is prone to scratches making it lose its visual appeal. The accumulated dust and dirt might also make your car look aged and worn out.

A routine check on the Air Filters

In the same manner that our bodies require clean and well-purified air, so is the car engine. The main component involved in purifying the air reaching the engine is the air filters which trap dirt particles and dust and keep them from reaching the engine. In order to ensure that clean air reaches your car engine, you need to do a routine check-up on the air filters to see that they are working well.

Faulty air filters make dirt and dust accumulate in the engine which reduces the effectiveness of the combustion chamber of your car. The end result is your engine overheating and what is worse it might cause the combustion chamber to burst. This will make you incur extra expenses for repairs and maintenance.

Final Verdict

Taking care of your car through frequent and routine check-ups is a very important exercise that you should never overlook. It may seem simple but it saves you a lot of extra costs that you may incur in case your car breaks down due to negligence. The above-highlighted methods are just but a few of the several ways in which you can care for your car.