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how to style on a budget

How to Style on a Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, these tips will help you make the most of it and get a perfect, fashionable style.

1. Join The Choker

The choker, that choker that fits the neck, is the star accessory this season. Olivia Palermo has signed up for its most minimalist version, a simple black cord with several turns. Copy your idea and update the white shirt you have in your closet with a cord or ribbon that you have at home, the result is very modern.

2. The Choker

If you like to wear a choker, you can find quite interesting proposals for little money.

3. Jeans With Applications

The bottoms of your jeans take center stage this season and it takes to decorate them so that they stand out. Look for some trim, tassel or fringe at home that you have left over of a curtain or cushion and sew them to the bottom of your pants. You will see how in a moment you have updated its appearance.

4. What a cut!

Another fairly simple way to update your jeans is to cut the bottoms irregularly. They take a little longer behind than in front. Take your ankles as a reference point and cut the front part a little above, and a little below the back. It is a perfect resource if you do not feel like taking the hem of pants that are very long.

5. Coat With Belt

The coats are a garment that for its price and its use we usually keep enough seasons. If you have tired of their appearance, a good way to update them is to fit them to your figure with a belt that you have at home and that combines with it. Look at the influencer Miroslava Duma, who has chosen a wide belt with metallic buckle and leather details for her animal print coat.

6. Belts For Your Coat

If your coat is plain and rather classic choose a wide belt with an animal print, like these in the image which will personalize it and add a very chic touch.

7. Fits Out

This year the shirts are worn with unbuttoned cuffs and covering the hands. So if you want to go to the last one, you know, choose the shirt in your closet that has the longest sleeves and wear them protruding below the jersey sleeves.

8. Shirt With Trumpet Sleeves

If this year you have to renew your white shirt, a good option is this Amitie, with long and slightly flared cuffs that allow you to wear them with any garment.

9. Pajamas

Yes, you read it correctly, the last thing is to go out in pajamas to any event or party. If not, look at the influencer Chiara Ferragni, who attended a parade as if she were at home at a pajama party with friends. This option is only suitable for women who are very confident and have a look-proof and critical attitude.

10. Satin Suit

Halfway between a pajama and a tuxedo, these two pieces of fluid fabric are a perfect purchase to form a party closet bottom. These are from Primark and its price is super!

11. Pajama Pants

A less radical way to take your pajamas to the street is to combine it with more urban pieces that contrast. We love the mix of satin pants with a thick wool sweater that you have in the closet. To complete the look, nothing like a party bag and a pair of sandals.

Many times following fashion is not a matter of buying new clothes, but of using the ones you already have differently or giving them a small twist. So check all those basics you have in your closet and find a way to put them in another way.

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